Your MOYO®! 
The name “Moyo” comes from the Dutch pronunciation of the word “mojo”, 
which is literally a combination of motivation and joy. If you’re motivated and doing what you love doing, you’ll radiate positive energy. Find your mojo with MOYO®! 

The ideal snack tomato
MOYO® is the ideal snack tomato for children. The delicate, sweet flavour, the fine texture, the shape and the bright red colour of these mini plum tomatoes are the perfect ingredients for a children’s tomato. Their shape and texture are just right for biting into without squirting juice, so they are ideal for snacking. 


Snack on the go and share! 
MOYO® snack tomatoes make a great nibble between meals and are perfect for on the go. They are packed in eye-catching packaging made of 100% cardboard. The dispenser is handy for both snacking and sharing.


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