From flower to snack tomato
For our youngest tomato fans, at Naaldwijk we’re lavishing lots of care and attention on a brand new product: MOYO® snack tomatoes. From here, these delicious mini plum tomatoes find their way to retailers and consumers everywhere. Read more in the diary of the sweet snack tomato for children.


Where it all begins
The seed for our MOYO® tomatoes comes from one of the world’s biggest vegetable breeding companies, Enza Zaden in Enkhuizen. From Enkhuizen, the seeds go to Beekenkamp Plants, a specialist young plant nursery, where they are sown and grown into small tomato plants. Once the first truss is in flower – usually after 55 days – the young plants move into our greenhouse.


A warm welcome in the greenhouse
Once the young plants arrive in the greenhouse, we offer them a warm welcome at a very pleasant temperature of around 22°C. They are positioned carefully on rockwool slabs where they are fitted with a dripper that supplies the young plants with water and nutrients, creating the perfect conditions for producing delicious snack tomatoes. 


15 metres of tomato plant
An average tomato plant will grow to about 15 metres in length in 11 months. When the young plant arrives in our greenhouse, a string is twisted around the stem. The end of this string is attached to a wire system in the ridge of the greenhouse. When the plant has reached the top of the string after growing for a few weeks, we lower the string and hang it a little to the side So that the part of the plant from which the tomatoes have already been harvested hangs horizontally.


Our flying friends
Once the young plants have got everything they need, they start producing yellow flowers. These flowers are pollinated by the bumblebees that fly through our greenhouses. Our flying friends sleep in one of the many “bumblebee hotels” dotted about the greenhouses.
Once they are pollinated, these yellow flowers take just eight weeks to turn into beautiful clusters of red tomatoes.


A helping hand for Mother Nature
During these eight weeks we let Mother Nature do her job as best she can. We give her a helping hand by winding the string further round the growing plant. We also pinch out unwanted shoots and cut off the lowest leaves. Everything that comes off the plant is left lying on the ground, just as it would be in nature, because we are convinced that this natural material makes our tomatoes stronger and healthier. In time, the tomatoes at the top of the truss start turning red first, followed by the others.


Less is more
Every day, our leaf cutters pass through the greenhouses giving the tomato plants plenty of love, care and attention. They remove some of the leaves to allow the tomatoes to absorb more sunlight and to keep the air circulating freely round the plant. Besides cutting the leaves, we also pinch out every side shoot, which sends more energy, nutrients and, ultimately, flavour into our MOYO® snack tomatoes.


Harvesting time
Unlike our Honingtomaten® and JOYN®, which are harvested on the vine, MOYO® snack tomatoes are harvested loose, one by one. Every day our workers work their way down the rows and select the ripest tomatoes using a colour chart as a guide. That way we make sure only the tastiest and best looking fruits are picked. All the harvested tomatoes then head for their next stop, the packaging hall.


Tailor-made packaging
Once they have arrived in the packaging hall, the snack tomatoes are given a final check. They are inspected with a critical eye and randomly examined by a strict taste panel in order to guarantee the quality and delicious taste of our MOYO® snack tomatoes. Every 80 grams of MOYO® snack tomatoes are packed in attractive 100% cardboard packaging designed to fit like a tailor-made suit. 


MOYO® – the sweet snack tomato for children
Treat your children or yourself with this delicious fresh snack. MOYO® snack tomatoes make snacking fun!


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