Voor Pasen hebben wij lekker gerechten geselecteerd. Ga jij voor heerlijke lunch of borrel met onze tomaten.


Canapé board with different treats with Looye Honeytomatoes

A delicious canapé board with BLT skewers with Looye Honeytomatoes, vegetable towers with Looye Honeytomatoes® and mini Looye Honeytomato tarts. Complete your board with tasty dips, bread, vege-table crisps, baby carrots and nuts.

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Fruity Looye Honeytomatoes salad

This sweet fruit salad combined with Looye Honeytomatoes and savoury flavours is a real surprise. This dish is delicious on a warm summer evening.

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Burrata Caprese with roasted Looye JOYN and Looye Honeytomatoes

This tasty variant of the 'Insalata Caprese' is delicious on a summer day, but of course also tastes great when the weather is less warm.

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