Bento box lunch

Bento box lunch with Honeytomatoes®

Cooking time25 minutes

Japanese lunch box with a surprising Honeytomato® salad

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Bento box lunch
  • Preparation

    1. Mix the rice vinegar with the sugar and salt and stir until completely dissolved. If the sugar and salt don't dissolve, gently heat the vinegar. Thoroughly rinse the sushi rice and cook it according to the instructions on the packaging. Stir the vinegar mixture into the sushi rice and allow to cool, covered.

    2. Cut the salmon fillet into strips. Mix 2 tbsp soy sauce with the mirin and sake and marinate the salmon strips in the mixture for at least 10 minutes.

    3. Cut the seaweed into wafer-thin strips, halve the Honeytomatoes®, and finely shred the white cabbage and the spring onions.

    4. Mix the mayonnaise with 1 tbsp soy sauce and the juice of half a lime into a creamy dressing. Next, add the white cabbage, Honeytomatoes® and spring onion and mix everything carefully into a salad.

    5. Mix the soybeans with 1 tsp sesame oil and the toasted sesame seeds.

    6. Heat a small splash of oil in a frying pan and briefly fry the marinated salmon strips on all sides, so that the inside stays raw.

    7. Fill the bento box, giving each component its own 'compartment'. Start with the sushi rice, this is the larg-est component. Fill the next compartment with the Honeytomatoes® salad, one part with the salmon strips, one part with the soy beans and fill the last part with the nori strips.


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