Spanish sandwich with JOYN® tomatoes

Cooking time5 minutes

¡Viva España! Surprise your guests with a quick and simple Spanish sandwich made with delicious JOYN® tomatoes, spicy chorizo and tasty Manchego cheese.

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    1. Cut the JOYN tomatoes® into slices.

    2. Remove the leaves of the Romaine lettuce, rinse and drain well. Pat dry if necessary.

    3. Coarsely grate the Manchego cheese.

    4. Cut the chorizo into 12 slices.

    5. Roast the farmhouse bread slices lightly to crisp them up.


    1. Spread some Honeytomatoes® ketchup on each slice of bread.

    2. Place a leaf of Romaine lettuce on two of the four bread slices.

    3. Divide the tomato slices on top of the lettuce and grind some sea salt and pepper to taste.

    4. Top these bread slices with 6 slices of chorizo and sprinkle with the Manchego cheese. Finish with some capers and rocket leaves.

    5. Cover the topped bread slices with the remaining two pieces of farmhouse bread.

    6. Use a skewer, if desired, to hold the sandwiches together. Cut the sandwiches in half crosswise.

    7. Put the halves on a plate and garnish with some capers, arugula and some Honeytomatoes® ketchup - ¡Olé!


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