Frequently asked questions about our tomatoes

They may look easy enough to grow, but it takes a good deal of expertise, experience, specialisation and innovation to grow tomatoes with such a delicious flavour. We regularly receive questions about our company, our greenhouses and our tomatoes. If you can’t see your question below, please send it to us using the contact form. You’ll get a reply within two working days.

Do Looye Honeytomatoes really have honey in them?

Looye Honeytomatoes get their name from the fact that they are as sweet as honey. So they don’t actually contain honey.

What is the best way to store tomatoes?

There’s only one answer to this: at room temperature! In our packaging or in the fruit bowl on the worktop, for example. That way they get the chance to ripen just that little bit more and develop an even sweeter flavour. So it’s best not to store them in the refrigerator.

How long do Looye tomatoes keep?

That depends on several factors, such as the date on which you buy them and the temperature you keep them in at home. When the tomatoes leave us, they will stay fresh for around ten days. After a week the green stalks can turn a little woody, but Looye Honeytomatoes and Looye JOYN tomatoes still taste as good as ever. They will start to lose their flavour slightly after around ten days.

How are Looye tomatoes grown?

Our tomatoes are grown with the greatest possible care, treating our surroundings and the environment with the respect they deserve. Read more about how we grow our Looye JOYN tomatoes and Looye Honeytomatoes here.

Are Looye tomatoes available all year round?

Yes, you can enjoy them at any time of the year. Thanks to the advanced technology we use in our Naaldwijk and Burgerveen greenhouses, we can grow Looye JOYN tomatoes all year round. They have the same outstanding taste and quality all the time!

Can I buy seeds for Looye Honeytomatoes and Looye JOYN tomatoes?

Unfortunately we have to disappoint you! Looye Honeytomato seeds and Looye JOYN tomato seeds are not available for sale. The supplier only sells them to professional tomato nurseries.

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