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Tomatoes are healthy. What’s more, Looye Kwekers tomatoes are healthy for your company. Interested in our products? Or would you like to find out more about how working with us can be healthy for you? Then read more on this page or get in touch with our Sales Department.



Are you looking for imagery of one or multiple of our brands? The button below will direct you to the image database filled with highres files of the Honeytomatoes, JOYN and the Honeytomato Ketchup.

Our certificates.

At Looye Kwekers we do things right. This is proven through our different certificats, including ISO-9001. The button below brings you to our certificates.

Looye in het nieuws 

Bij Looye zitten we niet stil en zijn we trots op de dingen die we doen. De dingen waar we extra trots op zijn brengen we naar buiten middels een persbericht. De onderstaande link brengt je naar een overzicht met alle persberichten van de afgelopen twee jaar. Zo ben je weer helemaal op de hoogte!

Contact our Sales Department

Only the very best is good enough for our customers. That’s why we sell all our tomatoes ourselves. Want to find out more about our tomato sales? Then please contact one of our account managers.



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