The sweet seduction - The sweet seduction

The sweet seduction

Nutrition facts

Nutrition factsSpecifications

Nutrition facts per 100 gram:

Nutrition value 18kcal/77KJ
Fats 0,4g
Saturated fats 0,08g
Carbohydrates 2,4g
Sugars 2,4g
Proteins 0,8g
Salt 0,02g
Fibres 1,0g


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Share the taste!

Honeytomatoes love socialising. After all, they grow together on the vine. Enjoying Honeytomatoes turns into something extra special when you share the experience with other people. So don’t keep the tastiest snack Mother Nature ever created all to yourself – share it with friends and family! Be inspired by our shared moments of enjoyment with Honeytomatoes.



A promotion, an engagement, a new home... There’s always something to celebrate. And with Honeytomatoes it’s always party time! Share the beauty of the endless view. Share the wonderful summer day that feels like it could never end. Enjoy the wonderful drinks and the delicious, bright red natural snack.



There’s nothing to beat having friends around you. Whether it’s your family, your favourite work colleagues or the lovely neighbours who just moved in next door – your red friends from Looye Kwekers’ greenhouses add the finishing touches. Because with Honeytomatoes you can serve up a delicious natural snack in an instant.


Afternoon getaway

How much does it take to get that holiday feeling? The salty smell of the summer waves wafting on a gentle breeze. A wonderful spot hidden away behind the dunes. Someone you love who, just like you, enjoys the little things in life. And, of course, the little red Honeytomato with its wonderful Mediterranean flavour. Get that holiday feeling without going abroad!


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