The sweet seduction - The sweet seduction

The sweet seduction

Nutrition facts

Nutrition factsSpecifications

Nutrition facts per 100 gram:

Nutrition value 18kcal/77KJ
Fats 0,4g
Saturated fats 0,08g
Carbohydrates 2,4g
Sugars 2,4g
Proteins 0,8g
Salt 0,02g
Fibres 1,0g


Looye Honingtomaten: a small tomato with a big flavour    

You can feel your mouth start to water even as you look at them in their packaging – deep red tomatoes attached to a beautiful green vine, or truss, as we call it in the trade. Looye Honingtomaten are a wonderful delicacy, a unique vegetable snack with an exceptionally delicious taste. Only 20 to 25 percent of our crop is worthy of the coveted title of Looye Honingtomaten: tomatoes that not only look good but taste sensational too. To keep a close eye on the flavour of our Looye Honingtomaten, we run rigorous taste tests every week. 


So much flavour packed into such a small red tomato

You can immediately taste how fresh a Looye Honingtomaat is from its firm bite. And then the symphony of flavours in your mouth begins to unfold: first that wonderful freshness, followed immediately by the subtle, sweet honey taste to which the aromatic Looye Honingtomaten owes its name. And that’s followed by a gently acidic aftertaste that rounds off the spectacle of intense flavours in your mouth. 


An intensely sweet, green bouquet of aromas

You can recognise Looye Honingtomaten even with your eyes closed. That’s because a vine of Looye Honingtomaten has a unique, wonderful smell – a distinctive aroma that immediately whets your appetite for this healthy snack from Mother Nature. The bouquet of Looye Honingtomaten can best be described as intensely green. First your nose picks up hints of young leaves and freshly mown grass. Then you also notice a sweetness that’s somewhere between the smell of honey and the fragrance of roses. 

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