The crowning glory in all your recipes

It’s taken lots of searching, experimenting, tasting and testing. But at last we can serve up the perfect tomato for cooking: Looye Joyn. It’s packed full of flavour, has a firm structure and delivers a wonderful balance between sweet and acidic. Once you have a Looye Joyn tomato in your hands, you’ll smell it and taste it: this fine tomato brings out the best in all your recipes, from a summery pizza or a hearty soup to a classic oven bake. 

The Looye Joyn tomato loves company, so it’s the ideal tomato to combine with other tasty ingredients. And cooks love company too! There’s nothing to beat chatting at the kitchen worktop while you’re cooking up great meals for family and friends. Be inspired by our stories.


Rebecca and Isa on their puff pastry canapés

For Rebecca and Isa, the summer months are all about being outdoors. During the day they work in the garden with their laptops on their laps, and in the evening you’ll find them cooking in their outdoor kitchen. This time they decided to make puff pastry canapés with tomatoes. They pulled out all the stops and the result spoke for itself. With a good dash of merriment and a generous helping of garlic, they served up a truly summery surprise. As everyone knows, it’s not easy to slice tomatoes really thinly. So Rebecca was delighted when Isa suggested using Looye Joyn tomatoes as they are much easier to slice and made the canapés even more delicious.


Jenna, Bram, Lucy and Evi on their burgers

Young parents often have to jump through hoops to get their children to eat vegetables. But American-style burgers are cool enough to always go down well. Served with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions and gherkins, it’s easy to pack in the vitamins. And when you all make the ketchup together, things get even more fun in the kitchen. Bram had brought home a large pack of Looye Joyn tomatoes on the vine. Jenna thinly sliced a couple for the burgers and they used the rest to make the best ketchup they had ever tasted. 

Moeder en dochter

Christine and Stephanie on their vegan curry

Christine and her daughter Stephanie have a strict policy in the kitchen: it has to be vegan, it has to be unusual and it has to be fun. While they cut, chop, bake and fry, they talk non-stop, swapping recipes from far-flung places they’ve visited. This time Christine came back from India with a wonderful recipe for curry. Daughter Stephanie added a special ingredient of her own: Looye Joyn tomatoes. They made the curry even more delicious than they had expected! 


The Reingouds on their tomato soup

While Roy’s eyes stream from peeling and cutting up the shallots, Sabrina cuts the beautiful tomatoes in half. The Reingouds have been making roasted tomato soup for their big family every Sunday lunchtime for years. First they stroll through the market looking for the tastiest ingredients. Then when the house is bustling with people, Roy and Sabrina dive into the kitchen. Every Sunday they pride themselves on making the soup taste even better than last time. So when they discovered Looye Joyn, it added an entirely new taste dimension to the soup.

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