Snacking on the go: sweet, healthy and easy

You know the problem. You were so determined to make today a healthy day. But then you’re on the go, you’re hungry and you don’t have a snack in your bag. And in the very first shop you come t - despite your good intentions - you once again succumb to that chocolate bar or sausage roll. So annoying! But here at Looye, we’re convinced it doesn’t have to be that way. We’ve developed Looye To Go tomatoes just for you: a handy pack of Looye tomatoes to pop in your bag. Sweet, healthy and easy for on the go.



When you get hungry on the go, what you really want is something tasty. A snack that’s good, that you can always rely on and that satisfies your hunger. For more than 75 years, there has been a team of true tomato experts working at Looye who know how to select the very best tomatoes using technology and the human touch. Only delicious, refreshingly sweet cherry tomatoes get to go into Looye To Go packs.


What a relief to know that now you can snack guilt-free! No additives, no unhealthy ingredients, no flavour enhancers. Only what nature gives us and what we nurture with so much passion.


No sticky hands, peeling or rubbish to separate. Just tomatoes in a cardboard pack that’s easy to flatten and recycle. As Looye To Go tomatoes are designed for on the go, we’ve gone for a sturdy box with ventilation cutouts and a reclosable lid. Perfect for when you’re out and about.

Looye To Go
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