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Where does the Bloody Mary come from?

  • 08 May 2020
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Did you know that Looye JOYN tomatoes are perfect for making a mouth-watering Bloody Mary? After all, the two main ingredients of this popular cocktail are vodka and tomato juice! So we thought we would take a closer look at every tomato fan’s favourite alcoholic tipple.

As mentioned, the Bloody Mary consists mainly of vodka and tomato juice. But there are many different ways of mixing it. The most popular method is to add Worcestershire sauce and/or Tabasco sauce and a combination of salt, black pepper, cayenne pepper, lemon juice and celery. 

A fascinating fact to tell people while you’re mixing the cocktail is where the name “Bloody Mary” came from. There are several theories about this, but the story that is generally considered to be authentic is that the cocktail is named after the nickname of Queen Mary I of England. She was given this nickname after her death because of her attempts to restore Catholicism in England in a particularly violent manner. Nice lady...

So after reading this article, if you feel like serving your friends and family a lip-smacking Bloody Mary this Saturday evening, here’s how to do it. 

Take a tall glass and fill it a quarter full with crushed ice. Grind some black pepper over the ice. Now add 6 shot glasses of tomato juice made from Looye JOYN tomatoes and 3 shot glasses of vodka. Mix in 5 drops of Worcestershire sauce and 3 drops of Tabasco. Finally, add 10 ml lemon juice and a pinch of salt. To finish off, you can garnish the drink with a stirrer in the form of a celery stalk. 

Another tip to round off this article: the Bloody Mary is often said to be the ideal drink to clear a hangover. The tomato juice settles the stomach, the salt replenishes the lost electrolytes and the alcohol lessens the headache. ;-)

Clear bloody mary

Clear Bloody Mary

'The Ghost of Mary' is also called a 'Clear Bloody Mary'. It gets its name from the tomato consommé that is used instead of tomato juice. This makes this fresh cocktail perfect on a hot day!

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