Looye JOYN nine ways

The Looye JOYN tomato loves company. It loves being combined with other tasty ingredients to make dishes packed full of flavour. Share with friends or family to make them even more special. Watch these nine Looye JOYN recipes and enjoy!

Stuffed tomatoes with quinoa and pesto

A culinary classic with a modern filling. Quinoa has caught on in a big way in the kitchen. And unsurprisingly so, as it’s a really healthy choice. So why not try combining quinoa with Looye JOYN tomatoes? Their flavour and structure are perfect for stuffing with this popular superfood.

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Puff pastry canapés

Canapés make every day a party day. They look truly appetising and add a sophisticated touch to any occasion. Add Looye JOYN tomatoes to your recipe for an extra flavour boost. Thanks to their firm structure, they are surprisingly easy to cut into thin slices. 

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American hamburgers

Next time you make burgers, get in an extra large vine of Looye JOYN tomatoes. They are easy to slice thinly for a fresh, healthy garnish. And you can use the rest of the tomatoes to make wonderful home-made ketchup in no time at all. 

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Indian Vegan Curry

Yearning for the flavours of India after your trip through Asia? Then surprise yourself and your friends with this wonderful Indian curry. With JOYN tomatoes your dish will take on a flavour that can easily hold its own against a curry from the streets of Mumbai.

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Tarte Tatin made with JOYN tomatoes

In 1889, the two Tatin sisters from France accidentally made an apple tart upside-down, inventing the recipe for tarte Tatin in the process. You’d think that such a revered recipe could never be improved on – but then you haven’t met the Looye JOYN tomato. 

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Pizzettes a la Looye

Small is the new big. Surprise your guests with these “pizzette” – delicious mini pizzas you can serve as finger food. Vary the toppings by adding extra touches such as fresh basil or pine nuts. 

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Salad made with JOYN, halloumi and blood oranges

Bring the Mediterranean to your al fresco dining by serving a fresh salad with feta from Cyprus, olive oil from Spain and blood oranges from Sicily. And not forgetting Dutch Looye JOYN tomatoes to round off the range of flavours to perfection.

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Roasted tomato soup made with JOYN and basilicum

After a brisk winter walk through the woods or along the beach, there’s nothing better to warm you up than a delicious cup of soup. Give your tomato soup an extra taste dimension by roasting the tomatoes briefly in the oven first. And by choosing the right tomato you can make your soup even tastier. 

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Bruschetta made with JOYN and truffle oil

We all know the recipe for making traditional bruschetta. You take a ciabatta bread and some Looye JOYN tomatoes and you're practically done. For this variant of the dish we don't use basilicum but instead use a delicate addition: truffle

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